Expansion Project

A little bit of history

Jamia Masjid Swafia was set up by local Muslims in the early 1980’s. It was the first purpose built Masjid in Wakefield. Previously, Masjids had been established in houses and existing buildings such as former churches, or old school buildings.

For many years the simple building with two halls served the community well, with one Imam leading prayers and teaching Muslim children. As the size and needs of the community increased, the Masjid was extended in June 1984 to what it is now. The extension increased the internal floor space and more toilets and ablution facilities were also added. Two minarets and a dome were added to the exterior to make a distinctive identifiable Masjid building. The side extension also provided additional class room space that could be used for female classes and other functions. Another important requirement that was fulfilled, was a room in which the deceased body could be washed prior to funeral prayers.

The Wakefield community

The Masjid has always been run, maintained and funded for by the local Wakefield Muslim community. The largest proportion of Muslims in Wakefield are of Pakistani origin, however, in recent years the local Muslim community has become more diverse with Muslims from Europe and Africa settling in Wakefield, as well as an increase in coverts/reverts. As the community has grown and the needs have increased, we now need to think about the future.

The future

We are now at a stage where we have outgrown the current Masjid and are in need of more space. Alhamdulillah we have nearly 250 students attending the after school classes with 15 full time male and female teachers; regular weekly and monthly spiritual gatherings for both males and females and 2 jamaats for Jummah prayers, all of which attract hundreds of attendees.

As well as the religious teachings, we want to offer other services that our community needs. These could include advice on health and well being; financial advice; marital advice; sessions for the older generation and even a youth club. The dream is not to just create a Masjid, but to create a ‘Hub’ where our community can come to learn about Islam, seek help and advice, a place where young people can come and escape from the societal problems that are affecting the youth of today. Moving forward, we need to think about how the Masjid can grow and benefit the future generations and the wider community for many years to come.

The Masjid Committee and Trustees met to discuss this further. Initially the plan was to add a double story side extension to the Masjid in the area which is currently occupied by the portakabin, however, after further consultation with builders and architects, it was deemed more cost effective to knock down the current Masjid and rebuild a double storey, purpose built Masjid designed specifically for our needs. An architect was appointed and plans were drawn-up to gain maximum benefit from the space we have.

The new Masjid will more than double our current floor space and will include classrooms; new kitchen and office space; new, larger toilets and wudu area; a new room for body washing for the deceased, but most importantly, will include a designated hall and wash facilities for our Muslim sisters in the community, which we don’t currently have. It will also have additional rooms on the first floor which can be used for meetings, or other functions without interfering with the main prayer halls.

We need YOUR help

This is an ambitious project and for it to succeed, it will need the help of the whole community. Initial cost projections are between £1.7m and £2m. We know this sounds a lot of money, but we are confident that In’Shaa’Allah we will succeed in completing this project and leave a legacy for future generations. Remember, our beloved Prophet pbuh said:

“Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”

In the coming weeks and months we will be organising a public meeting in which community members can come and view the plans and ask any questions they may have. We will announce this through the Masjid WhatsApp group and social media platforms, so watch this space.


Fundraising will be a major part of this project and we already have some great fundraising ideas. However, if you have any fundraising ideas of your own, you want to get involved, or even want to be a sponsor, then please do let us know. You can speak to any of the committee members (names and numbers are on the noticeboard) or contact us via email: info@swafia.org.uk, or our social media platforms.

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